Pieces Of Sky

A not-for-profit company working with people and communities to create visually stimulating and people focused projects, social documentary and thematic photography both here in the UK and overseas. Based in Staffordshire, England, Pieces of Sky work with a broad range of clients from the Public and Community & Voluntary Sectors. We have a unique and rich mix of experience that enable us to work across a wide spectrum of environments - from UK inner-cities and rural communities to overseas engagements and expeditions. In addition to our photographic skills, we have a strong background in community development, regeneration and intergenerational practice.

About Us

"A photograph is a moment in time, frozen for all to see. With a photograph that moment can last forever and never be denied."

Pieces of Sky are a photographic consultancy serving the Public Sector, the Third Sector and commercial organisations throughout the UK and overseas. Pieces of Sky is more than just a photography company though.

Complementing the varied imaging work that Pieces of Sky undertakes, we also have a wealth of experience in Public and Third Sector regeneration activities, public engagement, research, evidencing and intergenerational activity. We work with people and organisations on both urban and rural focused initiatives, exploring a broad spectrum of subject areas and policy topics. Pieces of Sky has a rich mix of skills and knowledge that enables us to approach each project from the perspective of both our clients needs and from the viewpoint of the varied people and communities we work with. We engage with people from all walks of life to explore and raise awareness of often challenging issues to promote understanding, inform and encourage debate, influence policy and strategy, or to celebrate achievement. Whatever the topic everyone has a voice with us. Photography is after all a universal language.

Our Clients