The Truth About Digital Photography


Photography has been able to capture in precise detail the reality of people, places or things in a way that hadn’t previously been possible in any other art form. Viewers had faith in a photograph as a true picture of something that actually existed. The photographer’s choice of framing, lighting and management of the shot taken could persuade the viewer to a particular interpretation of the final image, but in the early days most saw photography as being the truth. Since the early days of photography picture editors were often fooled by bogus prints. The “spirit” photographs of William Mumler […]

Discover How to Become a Photojournalist


Photojournalism is a very competitive business. A photojournalist is a storyteller who captures and presents images that support the news or can indeed be breaking news. The photograph of the 3-year-old Syrian refugee boy drowned on a Greek shore is one of the most recent examples. The image conveyed not only the story, but the emotions that go with it. Here we help you discover how to become a photojournalist: Professional grade equipment While equipment won’t make you a great photographer, inferior gear will let you down. Many photographic stores have “certified” used gear listed at discounted prices. The most […]